Trespassing Journal

CFP Issue 2

Call for Papers: Trespassing Genre

The next issue of the Trespassing Journal focuses on the concept of genre and the ways its definition and conceptualization as a method of classifying literary and artistic works have presented stimulating difficulties. If genre is broadly defined as a set of conventions that define a text, then we must assume that trespassing a genre's limits has always been fundamental to its definition. As such, the search for a “pure” example of any genre would be futile. Nevertheless, genre has a functional utility that cannot be ignored. It is used as a powerful marketing tool for cultural products. The mere mention of a genre has the power to secure the popularity of the work in question, a fact confirmed by the success of fantasy and mystery genres. The second issue of the Trespassing Journal will investigate questions such as: Is genre still a relevant tool in understanding different artistic works? What can the history of genres tell us about the history of aesthetics? Does the concept of genre lose its functionality in literary and cultural criticism where intertextuality is accepted as an essential aspect of texts? We invite submissions that deal with complexities of the concept of genre in related works.

Areas of exploration/inquiry include but are not limited to:

  • Parody, pastiche, collage, mashup
  • Originality, authenticity
  • Politics of genre
  • Popular genres, genre and popular culture
  • Historical genres
  • History of genres
  • Genres across cultures
  • Invention of new genres
  • Audiences, fans
  • Genre as a pedagogical tool
  • Non-fiction genres

Deadline for abstracts is February 20, 2012. Submissions should be sent to

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